Vidigueira DOC Antão Vaz

Brand: Vidigueria - Antão Vaz

Type: White

Classification: DOC Alentejo

Region: Vidigueira

Grape varieties: Antão Vaz


Physical and Chemical Properties

Alcoholic content at 20º C 13 (+/- 0.5)
Reducing sugars < 3g/dm3
Total Acidity (tartaric acid)  3.5 g/dm3
Volatile Acidity: 1.1 g/dm3
Total sulfur dioxide:  200 mg/dm3


Organoleptic Properties

Colour: Lemon-coloured white wine.
Aroma: With tropical fruits aroma and slight mineral notes.
Palate: In the palate is fresh, full-bodied and harmonious, with well-integrated acidity that gives it a fresh and profoundly long finish.

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