Reguengos White

Grape varieties: Síria (70%) - Antão Vaz (30%)
Year: 2018
Apellation: DOC Alentejo


Vinification: Grapes are unloaded a tour cellar and immediately destemmed, crushed and cooled. They settle for eight hours in order to extract greater aroma from the skins. After this period, they are pessed, with the must drawn off and clarified through decanting. The must’s temperature is then kept at 15ºC (59ºF) during fermentation.


Tasting Notes

Colour: Crystalline and slightly straw coloured.
Aroma: Citrus fruit aromas.
Palate: It has a nicefreshness. It’s balanced and has a good after-taste.

Consumption: It should be drunk immediately at a temperature of 10-12ºC.

Gastronomy: This wine is a fine accompaniment to gaspacho, grilled or stewed fish, seafood and sushi.


Alcoholic degree: 13,1% vol.
Total Acidity: 6.2 g/l
pH: 3.38
Reducing Sugars: 0,7g/l

Winemaking: Rui Veladas and Tiago Garcia

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