Penedo Gordo White

Grape varieties: 50% Roupeiro and 50% Antão Vaz


Alcohol Content (% by vol): 13,5
Residual Sugar (g/dm3): 2
Total Acidity (g/dm3): 5,2

Tasting notes

Visual: Very clear and light lemony colour;
Aroma: Very young fruity aromas with some tones of spring flower;
Flavour: It´s a dry wine, yet prety round. A very own minerality and acidity matches perfectly with the generous amount of alcohol.
Pairing: This is a very easy wine, that can pair with several kinds of foof, as an example, there is several types of small fish, grilled bird meat, Asian  food or even a salad. Also works very well as an appetizer during summer season.
Serving: It should be served at a temperature between 10ªC and 12ºC. It should be stored vertically in a dry and cool spot, protected from light.
Winemakers: Fernando Machado e Henrique Lopes


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