Pausa Reserve Red 2008


The estate Herdade da Margalha lies on the northern limit of Alentejo, facing the river Tejo, in the county of Gavião, district of Portalegre, in central Portugal, about 200 km from the Atlantic coast.
It has therefore an adequate climate for winegrowing – under the intense sun of Alentejo, the heat is balanced by the cool and humid breeze from the Tejo valley, providing a unique and balanced grape maturation.
Production: The vineyards of Margalha estate were planted in 2002, where careful management of existing vegetation allows obtaining higher quality grapes. The vineyard plots selected to make this wine were subjected to grape hand removal before harvest in order to obtain an average output not exceeding 4,000 kg/hectare.

Terroir: The grapes come in exclusive from vines of the Margalha estate, located in one plateau area or gently sloping hillside and exposed to the south, near the valley of the river Tejo. Soils mainly calcareous and schist.
Grape varieties: Petit Verdot (90%) and Tinto Cão (10%).


The vineyard is conducted under the rules of integrated production, with balanced production and a careful selection of grapes. Therefore the use of limited agrichemical treatments at the right moments led to grapes of superior quality being delivered at the winery. Vine hydric stress, during hot and dry days, was mitigated with the use of drip irrigation, thus ensuring the normal maturation of the grapes.
Harvest: Done by hand, into plastic boxes of 15 Kg, in early September, when the different
grape varieties had reached their full maturation.

Viticultural technician: Rui Pereira Coutinho.


Concept: Wine regarded as the top quality of the winery, to produce only when the vintage is over the average, using modern vinification techniques and partial aging in oak barriques. The aim is to have a wine of highly distinctive character, reflecting the terroir of the northern Alentejo region.
Vinification: Fermentation of full de-stemmed grapes, at a temperature of 28-30ºC, with one week of maceration and pump-over aeration.
Aging: About 60% of the volume of wine that went into the final lot, aged 12 months in oak barriques.
Bottled in November 2009.

Analytical data

Alcohol: 13.5% vol.
pH: 4
Total Acidity (as tartaric acid): 4.7

Tasting Notes

Colour: Grenade coloured wine.
Aroma: Intense aroma, with blackcurrant and liquorice notes surrounded by a noticeable oak scent, that aging in the bottle will integrate and increase in complexity.
Palate: Tasty and creamy palate with a strong retronasal flavour. Well balanced with a fine after mouth persistence, adequate for bottle aging. Consumption 2011-2018.
Winemaker: Prof. Virgílio Loureiro.

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