Pato Frio Grande Escolha DOC White 2015

Sub-region: Vidigueira
Classification: DOC Alentejo
Climate: Vidigueira microclimate. Mediterranean climate with stronmg atlanticity, as well as a continental influence in Spring – Summer.
Soil Type: Schist
Grape Variety: Antão Vaz
Production: 13.000 bottles
Winemaker: Paulo Laureano



This wine requires an extremely selective harvesting in our 40 year old Antão Vaz vineyard. These grapes are picked manually and are immediately forwarded to the winery’s cold rooms and stabilized at a temperature of 10 °C, during a 12 hour period. A rigorous selection of the best bunches is conducted at the sorting tables, where they are then destalked. After a slight crushing, the grapes go directly to the vacuum presses, where they undergo a soft pressing so as to provide clean musts free of any oxidization. The fermentation is partially carried out in stainless steel vats as well as in French oak vats, from Seguin Moreau medium toast, fine grain, with controlled temperatures between 12ºC-12.5ºC, yielding prolonged
fermentations of approximately 30 days, followed by battonage, a process lasting 2 to 3 months which is then followed by the tartaric stabilization, a cold process using the classical method with a duration of approximately 3 weeks. Finally the two partial processes are blended to create Grande Escolha, which is then bottled and dispatched to the cellar, where it will stage for a period of 12 months.

Bottling: Temperature controlled, semi-automatic filling.


ABV: 13%
Total Sugars: 1,2 g/dm3
Total Acidity: 5,7 g/dm3 (Tartaric Ac.)
Volatile acidity: 0,55 g/dm3 (Acetic Ac.)
pH: 3,18

Tasting notes

Colour: Citrus yellow.
Aroma: Intense nose, quite exotic spiciness, slightly balsamic with mint, ripe herbs, citrus and white fruits.
Palate: Lots of freshness and a juicy acidity, notes of lemon zest and crushed apple with an exotic spiciness all along. Long finish and lots of character.
Drink by: Three months after bottling and up to 4 years, shelf life. Store in dark, fresh and dry conditions.
Recommended serving temperature: 10ºc / 12ºc
Food Pairing: A superb food wine, perfect to exquisite fish dishes, seafood or light poultry. Great with soft cheeses.


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