Pato Frio Cashmere Rosé 2016

Sub-region: Vidigueira
Classification: Alentejo Regional Wine
Climate: Vidigueira microclimate. Mediterranean climate with strong atlanticity, as well as a continental influence in Spring – Summer.
Soil Type: Shist
Grape Variety: Touriga Nacional
Production: 75.000 bottles
Winemaker: Paulo Laureano


The grapes were picked exclusively to design this rosé and, without crushing or destemming, they were placed directly in a vacuum press to ensure properly controlled colour extraction, preventing the presence of any unwanted bitter components. After being subjected to mild pressure, the extracted mash (only 550 ml for each kilogramme of grapes) is salmon - coloured to pink and , after meticulous fermentation, produces a wine that is particularly noticeable for its fresh and youthful aromas.

Bottling: Temperature controlled, semi-automatic filling.


ABV: 12,5%
Total Sugars: 2,2 g/dm3
Total Acidity: 6,1 g/dm3 (Tartaric Ac.)
Volatile Acidity: 0,43 g/dm3 (Acetic Ac.)
pH: 3,15

Tasting notes

Colour: Cashmere.
Aroma: A mix of leechies and ripe gooseberries.
Palate: Smooth in the mouth, with exuberant freshness and mineral notes.
Drink by: 2-3 months after bottling and up t o 4 years. Store in dark, fresh and dry conditions.
Recommemnded serving temperature: 10ºc
Food Pairing: Sushi, sashimi, seafood or simply taken by the pool side.


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