Mouchao Red 2009

Grape varities: Alicante Bouschet (over 70%) and Trincadeira.

Production Method: Each grape variety is harvested separately as it reaches maturity. After being hand-picked the grapes are immediately transported in 20 kg boxes to the winery, foot-trodden in stone tanks and allowed to ferment for about a week. No destalking takes place. The wine is run off into large wooden vats where it stays for two to three years, after which it is matured for a further two to three years in bottle before release.

Climate: Mediterranean with cold winters, rainfall concentrated between October and  February (with an average annual rainfall of 700mm) and hot summers with temperatures reading 40ºC at the time of maturation.

Soil: A mediterranean mix of clay and sand; poor to average quality.



Colour: A wine with an intense garnet colour.
Aroma: Aromas of black fruit jams, ripe olives, mint and spices. 
Palate: Its structure is distinct, possessing a clear freshness and a set of solid and exuberant tannins that guaranty its longevity.

Serving suggestions: Serve at 18ºC as an accompaniment to oven roast dishes or soft cheeses.


Technical information

Total acidity: 6.20 g/L
pH: 3.60
Total sugars: 1.10 g/L
Alcohol: 14.4%

Quantity: 35 480 bottles

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