Mouchão Fortified Wine

Grape varieties: Alicante Bouschet

Production method: The grapes are harvested by hand as they reach maturity. They are then immediately transported to the winery in small boxes where they are collected in stone treading tanks. No destalking takes place. The grapes are subsequently foot-trodden and allowed to ferment partially before interrupting the process by adding top quality “eau de vie”. The wine is then aged for at least 4 years in Portuguese Oak Vats. Bottling is done according to need in the following 2 months, without filtration.

Climate: Mediterranean with cold winters, rainfall concentrated between October to February (with an average annual rainfall of 700mm) and hot summers with temperatures reading 40ºC at the time of maturation.

Soil: A mediterranean mix of clay and sand; poor to average quality.


Colour: Intense garnet colour.
Aroma: Notes of black fruit blended in a deep and elegant aroma.
Palate: Soft, fresh and striking in the mouth, it reveals all the qualities of Alicante Bouschet for this type of wine.

Serving suggestions: Serve at 16-17 ºC accompanying with almond or pecan tart, sheep’s cheese or some dark bitter chocolate.


Technical information
Total acidity: 5.32 g/L
pH: 3.48
Residual sugar: 146.0 g/L
Alcohol: 19.0%

Quantity: 4 000 bottles


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