Monsaraz Old Wine Brandy

Year: 2003
Designation: DOC Alentejo

Raw material

Produced with some of our carefully selected wines from the Syrian and Rabo de Ewe varieties.

Distillation and Ageing

Early harvested grapes produced light wine with high acidity. Distillation is carried out immediately after fermentation in two batch distillers with absolute control of the distillation, rectification and condensation temperature. Aging took place for at least 15 years in a new 4000 liter Limousin oak raft.

Tasting Notes

Amber brown in color this brandy has an elegant and complex aroma with balsamic, citrus and sweet spice notes. In the mouth it is balanced by the soft oak tannin and has a velvety and persistent finish.


Enjoy it as a digestive at the end of a good meal accompanied by a good cigar.


Alcohol : 40.5% v / v

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