Longitude White 2013

Classification: Alentejano Regional Wine

Varieties: Roupeiro and Rabo-de-Ovelha

Soil Types: Mainly granite, but can also be found in chalky, clay and schistose soils.

Stored bottles: 300.000 units

Tasting Notes

Colour: It has a citrus yellow color.
Aroma: A smooth fruity aroma.
Palate: A fresh and well balanced flavour.

Production: Fermented in stainless steel thanks at a controlled fermentation temperature of 17ºC.

Expected Longevity: 1-2 years

Serving: It should be served at a temperature of 10ºC, as an accompaniment to seafood dishes.



Alcohol strength: 12,5% b/v,
Total acidity: 5,7g/L tartaric
pH: 3,2,
Residual sugar: 2g/L

Storage: Bottles should be stored horizontally in a dark, well aired place at between 12 and 13ºC and at a relative humidity of around 60%.

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