Herdade do Moinho Branco Alicante Bouschet

Sub-region: Vidigueira
Classification: Alentejo Regional Wine
Climate: Vidigueira microclimate. Mediterranean climate with a slight continental influence during spring and summer.
Soil Type: Schist
Grape Varieties: 100%  Alicante Bouschet
Production: 3.116 bottles
Winemaker: Paulo Laureano


Once the selection and reservation of the vineyard sectors to be used exclusively for the Herdade do Moinho Branco
Alicante Bouschet is accomplished, these are subjected to severe pruning in green, to limit a maximum harvest yield
of 4.500KG per hectare. After the harvest the grapes are received at the winery in cold rooms and conditioned at
10ºC. After a 12 hour exposure to this temperature, the grapes are processed, destalked and crushed and exclusively fermented in French oak vats. Once the alcoholic and malolatic fermentation is achieved, it is aged in new French oak barrels from Seguin Moreau (Medium Toast - Fine Grain) until bottling 18 months later. Bottle staging occurs for a minimum period of 26 months.


ABV: 14%
Total Sugars: 1 g/dm3
Total Acidity: 6 g/dm3 (Tartaric Ac.)
Volatile Acidity: 0,73 g/dm3 (Acetic Ac.)
pH: 3,57

Tasting notes

Colour: Red Rubi.
Aroma: A charming bouquet of berries, blueberries, ripe dark fruits, that is fresh and captivating. Some secondary notes are denoted like toast, balsamic, liquorice and fresh coffee from the extensive oak ageing.
Palate: A dense and silky wine with firm ripe tannins. The wild berries are evident in the palate, as well as the acidity that guarantees the balance and freshness. A complex and full-bodied wine, with the ideal intensity and concentration for a fantastic evolution in the bottle.

Recommemended serving temperature: 15º C / 16º C
Food Pairing: This is an excellent wine for grilled red meats, as well as game or typical stew dishes.
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