Guadalupe Winemaker's Selection White

Varieties: 100% Antão Vaz.
Winemakers: Rui Reguinga e José Portela


Soil: Pronounced sloping schistous soils with medium production potential.

Climate: Mediterranean, with slight inland characteristics. Cold winters, where the rain concentrates between October and February (the average annual precipitation is about 700 mm persquare meter) and very hot summers.

Vinification: The grapes are harvested into small crates and immediately transported back to the winery and cooled down to 10ºC (50º F). The grapes are stripped from the bunch, crushed and then pressed. The resulting must flows into a stainless steel vat, which is located inside a
refrigerated chamber, where it undergoes 48 hours of static clarification at low temperatures. The must ferments from 15 to 20 days, at 14 ºC (57 ºF). The wine is bottled 6 months afterwards.



Alcoholic content: 13% Vol.
Total acidity: 5,0 g/L
PH: 3.43
Residual sugars: 2,0 g/L


Tasting Notes

Colour: Guadalupe Winemaker´s Selection is a citrus coloured wine.
Aroma: With great minerality.
Palate: Flavours hinting at fresh fruit. Full-bodied and balanced on the palate, it has a fresh and mineral finish.

Cuisine: Ideal for accompanying fish stews and roasts, as well as white meat.



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