Aguardente Bagaceira Velhíssima

Winemaker: Óscar Gato
Soil: Chalky-clay and schist

Vinification: Apart from the well-known reputation of the wines from the Alentejo region, Adega de Borba has a great tradition in the prodution of wine spirits where it uses the best wine masses from traditional grapes in the region of Borba.

The wine masses selected to produce this wine spirit result from the pressing of fermented grapes used for wines produced in stainless steel mills. The masses are destilled in copper vases in our own destillary, at specific temperatures and destillary times thus granting an excellent quality and genuine alchohol that embody the wine spirit. 

Ageing: It ages for 10 years in French ‘limosin’ oak barrels. This type of ageing process grants the wine spirit the most amazing colours, structure and aromatic intensity.


Alcohol Content: 40%Vol

Tasting Notes

Color: Vivid golden colour.
Aroma: Intense, complex and velvety aroma of almonds and raisins.
Palate: The long ageing process in French ‘limousin’ oak barrels intesifies the softness of the dried fruits; persistent delicate finish.

How to serve: At 18-20ºC.

Gastronomy: To be consumed as a digestif after a good meal and accompanied by a nice cigar.
Consumption: This wine spirit can be consumed immediately after bottling or be stored and age for many many years.

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