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blog is a terroir wine, made on the vineyard and chosen from the finest areas of vines with a (ridiculously) extremely low production. But never until this year have we been able to produce such a complete, complex and profound wine, one that is so serious and elegant that can really be kept for a long time. This wine is so outstanding that it was nominated as the best Alentejo wine of the 2009 harvest, and it won the coveted and prestigious Talha de Ouro 2009.


Tasting Notes

Colour: A concentrated ruby red colour.
Aroma: It is reviving from the very first, with good cheer, minerality, the seductive fruit that involves red cherries, red currents and plums, plus discreet floral hints.
Palate: This is a bold red, but one that is smooth, deeply mineral, intense and elegant, yet fresh, with a fine, very prolonged aftertaste.



The 2009 (grape) harvest went particularly well for us, as the Talha de Ouro 2009 prize goes to show. We benefited from as cool and balanced a summer as we can remember, in a year that warmed up very slightly at the end of the harvest. This meant that in 2009 we enjoyed long, slow ripening of which our older vines and best areas took full advantage and thus yielded grapes with a first-rate balance between acidity and tannins. The grapes were harvested by hand and put into small boxes. They were then trodden (literally) in our own (tanks) stainless steel lagares   keeping with the best traditions of the region. We knew from the start of fermentation that we were looking at a very superior wine. So that the wine would not take too much from the wood, we decided to age it in new and second-year French oak barrels and interfered as (little) less as possible to let it express its qualities unhindered, as one does with terroir wines.


Technical Details

Wine: blog
Producer: Tiago Cabaço
Region: Alentejo
Year: 2009
Oenologist Winemaker: Susana Estéban
Grapes varieties: Touriga Nacional, Syrah and Alicante Bouschet
Age of vines: 11 years
Time of harvest: 2nd fortnight of September 2009
Fermentation: (Trodden by foot in the tank) foot trodden in stainless steel lagar, at controlled temperature
Ageing: Twelve months in French oak barrels, half new and half second-year
Bottled: July 2011
Alcohol: 14.9ºl
Total Acidity: 5.6
pH: 3.50

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