Aged Brandy

Winemaker: Óscar Gato
Soil: Chalky-clay and schist.

Vinification: The Adega Coop. Borba is mostly recognised for its wines, but it also has a long tradition in the production of brandies too. This pomace brandy is made from the pressed grape pulp and stems that remain after the grapes are crushed and pressed to extract most of the juice for wine production. Then, after fermentation, the resulting pomace is distilled (separation of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic liquids through differences in their boiling points) under a rigorous control of the temperatures and duration to guarantee the typical and regional characteristics of this brandy.

Ageing: It ages during 12 months in French oak casks before bottling.


Alcohol Contend: 40%Vol.


Tasting Notes

Color: Golden, intense.
Aroma: Nice aroma with a strongly fruity presence.
Palate: Smooth on the palate, with a velvety wood´s flavour and particularly persistent.

How to serve: Best served at 18-20ºC

Gastronomy: Best served as a digestive at the meal’s end, or as accompaniment to coffee.
Consumption: Consumed immediately or stored for 6 years.

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