Abreu Callado Sweet Red Wine

Geology Soil: Clay loam Structure
Grape Varieties: Touriga Nacional
Method of Growing: Cordon trained.

Average Yield: 11hl/ha

Winemaking Process: Destemming, crushing, depletion, stopped fermentation with the addition of brandy, ageing in oak barrels, ltered, bottling.


Analytical Control

Alcohol: 20 %
Total Acidity: 2,40 gr/l
pH: 3,66

Characterization Organoleptic

Color: Clear look with rede oprange colour.
Aroma: Complex and delicate aroma with floral and cherry notes.
Palate: Intense palate, full, round and soft.

Recommended for Tasting Temperature: 10 - 12 ° C

Gastronomy: Ideal as an appetizer or dessert to accompany sweet.

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