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There is something fortifying and liberating about the Alentejo landscape, with its never-ending space, its immense undulating plains, huge skies of the deepest blue, its infinite horizon... and the people, calm and unruffled folk, immensely proud of their homeland. The scenery flows smoothly from vineyard to wheat field, a deep green at the end of winter, the colour of straw at the end of spring and burned ochre during the searing summer months. The unmistakable shapes of cork-oaks and holm oaks line the horizon, symbols of a region covering one third of continental Portugal.

The characteristic flatness of the Alentejo, and consequent lack of physical barriers to block the condensation of humidity coming from the sea, removes any hint of Atlantic influence in the region. But the few hill ranges that do exist are responsible for the distinctive character of each of the sub-regions, providing singular conditions for vine growing throughout the Alentejo. Serra de São Mamede to the north, the highest hill range south of the River Tagus, is a clear example of this individuality, affording a reviving freshness that only altitude can provide.

Redondo, protected by the hill range of Serra da Ossa, and Vidigueira, sheltered by Serra de Portel, both benefit from Nature to guarantee singular wines. What all Alentejo wines have in common is the offer of endless pleasure, whether red, rosé or white. Wines filled with aromatic exuberance, rounded and smooth wines with the unique capacity to be drunk young... secure in the knowledge that they will age with distinction. 
Vinhos do Alentejo 2023