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Quinta de São José de Peramanca lies in the heart of the famous region known since the 14th century and cited in The Inquiries of King Ferdinand as the ‘Vinhas e Terras de Peramanca’ (‘Vineyards and Lands of Peramanca’).

According to Túlio Espanca in the artistic inventory of Portugal: ‘The Chapel of Quinta de São José de Peramanca was built on royal lands, where for centuries Peramanca wine was made.
The wine grew in fame, being mentioned in the 16th century chronicles and having been widely exported in Portuguese merchants’ ships to meet demand markets abroad.’

The excellence of the wines from this region was proven by several late 19th century awards, including a gold medal in Bordeaux.

The wines produced today at Quinta de São José de Peramanca offer you the opportunity to step back into the past and taste the remarkable wines produced on the banks of the Peramanca River.


Quinta São José de Pêramanca - EN 114 – 5 km Évora, Apartado 130
7006-802 Évora

T.(+351) 266 785 045
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