Tapada de Coelheiros

The Estate

Herdade dos Coelheiros is a family property, adhering to the Alentejo Wine Route, which has been producing since
1991, some of the most emblematic wines of the Alentejo region.

Coelheiros draws the classic picture of the Alentejo landscape, preserving the traditional cultures of the region and the balance of the ecosystem. Inserted in the demarcated region of Alentejo, the estate extends over about 800ha, including 50ha of vineyards in selected plots, 40ha of walnut orchard and a vast area of ​​meadows where sheep, deer and fallow deer graze freely.


Wine Tourism

The scale of Herdade de Coelheiros combined with its biodiversity make this property a unique opportunity to see today the typical model of a Herdade do Alentejo 100 years ago.

We want to share with those who visit us not only this unique landscape but also the holistic view with which we take care of the mosaic of cultures that is Rabbits.

We invite you to emerge in our culture and experience the balance we foster among all the cultures that cohabit here. And finally, proving how this philosophy based on sustainability allows us to produce more authentic wines.

Herdade de Coelheiros
7040-202 Igreijinha

T.(+351) 266 470 000
F.(+351) 266 470 008
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