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Herdade da Mingorra - CVRA
Herdade da Mingorra
Henrique Uva’s project, on Herdade da Mingorra, aims to captivate all visitors with its history, its beauty, the outstanding quality of its wines and the diversity of their flavours.

This project combines wine-growing tradition with the grandeur of the estate, the beauty of its vineyards and the adjacent landscape. By discovering new flavours, you will discover new landscapes, cultures and traditions on Herdade da Mingorra itself.

Here, we welcome visitors interested in getting to know vineyards and wineries and tasting our wines. An overnight stay on our estate is an excellent way to find out more about our whole project, how we take care of our vineyards, our grape harvest, and even the bottling process.

We also present our modern production methods, tailored to our vines, although based on ancient farming traditions. At Herdade da Mingorra, you can help with our grape harvest and get to know the different stages in the preparation of our wines.

We offer visitors a variety of activities that will exceed the expectations of the most curious, such as wine tasting, grape picking, themed wine tasting. At Herdade da Mingorra, you will also be able to enjoy our wine dinners, which will present the best food pairings for our wines.

Through wine tourism, Herdade da Mingorra offers visitors the certainty of a unique, relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Herdade da Mingorra, Trindade
7800-761 Beja

T.(+351) 284 952 004
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