Herdade da Ajuda Nova Sociedade Agrícola Unipessoal, Lda


Herdade da Ajuda is a 400-hectare estate that was purchased by its current owners in 2007 in order to start a new vineyard.

The estate is located in Vendas Novas, in the Upper Alentejo. Its location near the coast means that the vineyard enjoys some influence of the Atlantic Ocean.

The area under vine is 120 hectares, with 25 hectares being planted in 2008. Annual average production is 800,000 litres of wine, made from traditional Portuguese red and white grapes and a few international varieties.

The combination of climate, soil, high daytime temperatures and humid nights yield refreshing, lively wines that age well in the bottle, characteristics that distinguish our wines from those of our Alentejo neighbours.


Herdade da Ajuda Nova - Apartado 87
7090 - 999 Vendas Novas

T.(+351) 265 805 667
F.(+351) 915 138 142
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