Encostas de Estremoz
Our vineyard has pioneered Alentejo in many ways, such as installing drip irrigation with water stress control, higher hedges than the traditional Alentejo era - new from Australia and Chile, which allowed the grapes gain an early maturity due to greater sun exposure and thus optimize the winemaking potential.

This type of management has led to a higher quality final product than usual, and this practice has been followed by other entrepreneurs when setting up their vineyards.

90% of the harvest is made mechanically at night to preserve the aromas and quality of our grapes due to the high temperatures of the Alentejo. We have implemented modern precision viticulture techniques, giving practical meaning to the famous theory "Wine is made in the vineyard".

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Quinta da Esperança
7100-145 Estremoz

T.+351 91 261 99 27
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Vinhos do Alentejo 2022