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Dona Dorinda Organic Wines - CVRA
Dona Dorinda Organic Wines


Leaving Évora behind and led by the aqueduct towards Arraiolos, with the convent of Cartuxa as a good augury, we turn right to find an estate with a holy name, Quinta de Nossa Sra. da Conceição.

Next to the main eighteenth century building (restored in 2006 by the current owners), an old chapel welcomes us and is nowadays a cosy shop and place for the wine tasting. In the farm´s remaining 23 hectares a vineyard, a small cork oak forest, an orchard of fruit trees and livestock. Elements which make the dialogue between history, human resourcefulness and nature, all in biological production mode. In one of the land highest points is located the small 3.5 hectares circular vineyard,  inquestionable starting point of this Alentejo project.



Inspired by the strong Roman presence in the region, we want celebrate the ancient production methods: through organic soil management, the handling of vines, water use and regional livestock breeding allowed them an heuristic approach to this biological project. We try to enrich our land through natural ways which is reflected in the vines growth, the cork oak area, the fruits, vegetables and animals we create.

The solar calendar, the moon and the planets have dictated the planting and harvesting for millennia, were we prefer to remember and use these methods and historical calendars instead of chemicals. The small scale of our farm allows us to millimetrically control all our products and as we value the commitment of the people who are with us, we know that in every harvested bunch comes someone's dedication, which makes our wine a special product.


Selected varieties

Despite the wide range of national grape varieties, our choice fell mainly on the red grape Syrah. At this time our vineyard is composed of 85% Syrah and 15% Viognier.

The Syrah is the 10th most planted grape variety in Portugal and its success in Alentejo is due to its resistance to summer heats and harsh winter, to which it responds positively. The region´s hot soils makes this variety produce a strong red wine, of late maturing and complex aromatic potential, with an intense aroma of wild berries, hints of spice and tobacco leaf, very rich in tannins. The tannin wealth, their strength and breadth make them good cellaring wines.

Wine Tourism

Schedule a visit and stroll around the property is the best way to meet this project. With our friendly team explanations, it is possible to understand how the various areas fit together harmoniously for an exceptional result.

Quinta Nossa Senhora da Conceição - Estrada de Arraiolos
7000-744 Évora

T.(+351) 961 700 460
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