Casa Relvas


We invite you to calmly enjoy time in the Alentejo, rejoicing the good company of our wines. With us you will have the opportunity to experience the daily work of a winery that is currently reaching a production of 6 million bottles per year, spreading the best Portuguese winemaking across 30 countries in the world.

The architectural attraction of our winery at Herdade da Pimenta, located in the small village of S. Miguel de Machede, Évora - covered in cork - and the bucolic atmosphere of Herdade de São Miguel, in Redondo, are starting points for our wine tourism programme, based on a tailor-made and exclusive service and, above all, the specific interest of each visitor.

The tour around the winery is complemented with a series of activities emerging from the synergy between our local and regional partners: a careful selection of what the regions of Redondo and Évora have best to offer. The winemaking promotes the discovering of some of the most genuine cultural manifestations, a journey crossing traditions’ authenticity and contemporary lives’ experiences.

Our activities are seasonal and parallel to the vineyards’ and winery’s timings. You can understand more about the fermentation process, the different Portuguese grape varieties, get to know the ancestral amphora wines or try stomping grapes with your bare feet! If this is too active for you and what you’re really needing is a rest, we have arranged the best nap spot under the beautiful shade of a cork oak, where you can simply enjoy the landscape!

Our Wine Tourism team loves hosting and sharing the passion for wine. Welcome to Casa Agricola Alexandre Relvas!



Estrada N254 - S. Miguel de Machede
7005 - 752 Évora

T.+351 266 988 034
F.+351 917 295 358
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