Casa de Santa Vitória - Soc. Agro-Industrial S.A.

Casa Santa Vitória is owned by the Vila Galé Hotel group and began to produce wine in 2003. The winery was built in 2004, just 150 metres from the Vila Galé Clube Campo Hotel.

Committed to quality wine production and wine tourism, this estate covers 1620 hectares: 127 hectares of vineyards, a three story winery that measures 5,000 m2 with a wine making capacity of 1,500 tons, and 600 barrels in a temperature controlled cellar.


Wine tourism 

A spa offering wine therapy; visits to the vineyards by horseback, four-wheel drive or cart, guided tours of the winery and cellars, wine tastings.
Accommodation: Hotel with 80 rooms.

Herdade da Malhada
7800-130 Santa Vitoria

T.(+351) 284 970 170
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