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Adega José de Sousa (José Maria da Fonseca, Vinhos, SA) - CVRA
Adega José de Sousa (José Maria da Fonseca, Vinhos, SA)


With the purchase in 1986 of the Casa Agrícola José de Sousa Rosado Fernandes, which included the Monte da Ribeira, José Maria da Fonseca company made a dream come true: using traditional winemaking techniques to produce an Alentejo wine on a prestigious and historical estate (which has been making wine since at least 1878).

In the heart of Reguengos de Monsaraz, you can visit a one-of-a-kind winery where, in addition to the wines José de Sousa, José de Sousa Mayor and J, Montado is also produced.

José de Sousa winery is equipped with 114 ânforas, clay vessels used for fermenting wine, a rare method left behind by the Romans and that the winery keeps alive. In addition to the traditional underground winery with the clay vessels and two troughs for treading grapes, you can also visit the modern winery with 44 stainless steel tanks and all the technology needed to ferment either red or white wine. This is an unequalled spot to see how innovation interacts with tradition and to get to know more about exceptional wines, of course.

Rua de Mourão nº 1
7200-291 Reguengos de Monsaraz

T.(+351) 266 502 729
F.(+351) 918 269 569
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