Adega Herdade das Aldeias de Juromenha

Historical Notes

The vineyards and the winery are located on the Herdade das Aldeias in the heart of the Alentejo, 15 km from Elvas near the town of Juromenha, overlooking the Guadiana River. This area has a rich winemaking tradition.

This family enterprise started taking form in 1986. It was officially set up in 1994 and began production in 2001.


Location and Landscape

The estate is located in the Guadiana watershed. The soils are predominantly schistose.

The winery is surrounded by 60 hectares of vineyards. This increases efficiency during the harvest, since it lowers the time lag between grape picking and processing.


Special Features of the Vineyard and Winery

In the vineyard, yields are controlled so as to produce 7 tonnes/ha and ensure excellent quality wines. The 60 hectares are planted mostly with indigenous grapes, although a few French varieties can also be found.

The vines are hand pruned. Both hand and mechanical harvest methods are used.

All the wine is made from grapes grown at Herdade das Aldeias. Current annual production is approximately 500,000 litres/year and the winery´s storage capacity is 600,000 litres.

All of the steps from winemaking to bottling take place on the winery´s premises.


Visits and wine tastings

Visit with Forte da Graçatasting – 2 wines10€ a person (more 5€ to pair with regional products).

Visit with Selecção Tasting – 3 wines with regional products: 8,50€ a person.

Visita com Prova Premium – 3 top range wines, with regional products.

12 months 12 wines tasting – Monthly theme tasting.


Estrada Nacional 373, Km 41
7350-473 Elvas

T.(+351) 268 620 273 - (+351) 962 527 919
F.(+351) 268 969 426
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