Adega do Monte Branco


The Adega do Monte Branco was founded in 2006 in Estremoz and can currently produce 200,000 litres of wine/year.

Following a six-year apprenticeship with his father at the Quinta do Mouro and after finishing a university degree which included an internship in Sonoma County, California, Luís Louro, in 2004, decided to craft his own winemaking dream. 

His mission is to produce wine from primarily Portuguese grapes in the Alentejo as based on three pillars: modernity, quality and price. Using a combination of his own vineyards and rented ones, the aim is to produce wines that have a modern profile and offer excellent value for the money, whilst pleasing the palate of today’s consumers.

oreover, his wines should have a distinctive personality and character that will link the location and the wine producer in the mind of the consumer in order to distinguish his wines from those of his competitors.

Adega do Monte Branco is located in Estremoz, the city in the Alentejo with the largest concentration of wine producers and with unique topological and climatic conditions for producing excellent wines.


Wine Tourism

Make a reservation for a winery tour at the Monte Branco winery and enjoy a wine tasting made-to-order.

In Monte Branco, the recently inaugurated tasting room is located just above the barrel room. With its glass walls, the room stretches out onto the lawn and provides a spectacular panoramic view over the Estremoz castle, making it a unique place for tasting the exceptional Alentejo wine.

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Apartado 21
7100-145 Estremoz

T.(+351) 268 098 077
F.(+351) 268 098 078
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