The XXVI Talhas project pays homage to the age-old tradition of Talha wine production. In Vila Alva, a typical village located in the heart of the Alentejo, there is a great culture and tradition of making wine through this artisanal method, introduced by the Romans more than two thousand years ago. The “know-how” has passed from generation to generation, which has allowed this production technique to be a reality in this village until today.
With the reactivation of the old ‘Adega do Mestre Daniel’ we tried to preserve, stimulate and promote this method of winemaking which, for various reasons, has been decreasing in recent years.

Who we are

We are a group of friends, born in Vila Alva, who came together to create XXVI Talhas. We grew up watching our family members produce Talha wine and, therefore, we have a great passion for this tradition. This project, an old dream, is born with the aim of dignifying and promoting the Talha wine produced in Vila Alva.
As our village is one of the places in the Alentejo where the tradition of Talha wine production, introduced by the Romans, has remained until today, we feel the responsibility to continue it. Unfortunately, in recent years, this practice has been reducing dramatically and it is this trend that we intend to help reverse.
It is with this objective in mind that we reactivated Mestre Daniel's old ‘Adega’, with 26 Talhas, where we produce Talha wine according to traditional methods.
It was the combination of the number of Talhas in our cellar (26) with the Roman origin of this type of winemaking that led us to name our project “XXVI Talhas”. In addition to wine production, we seek to disseminate this ancestral practice by organizing initiatives in our own winery and participating in events.

Adega do Mestre Daniel

It is in Mestre Daniel's old Adega, in Vila Alva, that we produce our Talha wine according to traditional methods.
Daniel António Tabaquinho dos Santos (1923-1985) in addition to producing wine, he also used this place to work as a carpenter and, for this reason, he was known locally as "Mestre Daniel". Mestre Daniel produced here Talha wine for about 30 years, following the family tradition he inherited from his parents and grandparents. After his death, some years of production followed. However, in 1990, the winery ended its activity. In 2018, after almost thirty years of interregnum, the winery is back in operation, resuming the local and family tradition of Talha wine production.
As is the tradition in Vila Alva, the containers used for winemaking are the Talhas, descended from the large Roman vessels, with capacities that vary between 300 and 1300 liters. In our cellar we have 26 Talhas: 22 are made of clay, some dating from the 19th century, and 4 are made of reinforced cement, which, although more recent (1930s), were manufactured by “Vila Alva masters”, which is why they also have great significance for us.
This winery, one of the most traditional in Vila Alva, has an area of ​​170m2 and has been in the possession of the family for more than 60 years. From the centenary building of the winery, the roof that had to be replaced in 2010 could not resist. Recently, it was also necessary to repair and install all the elements necessary to guarantee the production of wine with quality and with safety and hygiene conditions.

Our wines

Our focus is on the production of Talha wines following traditional methods. The wines we launch depend on what the vineyards offer us annually and will vary according to what we can best extract from them.
Do Tareco

This range represents new Talha wines that are drunk in local Adegas. The wine is removed from the pots just after St. Marten’s day (11 November) and is bottled right afterwards (these have about 2.5 months of skin contact). They are light and fresh wines, but with all the character of Talha wine.
Available references:
• Branco do Tareco - White
• Tareco Palhete - Claret
• Tinto do Tareco - Red
Master Daniel

For this range, on St. Marten’s day, the best Talhas are chosen, and the wine remains in these until February / March of the following year, leaving about 5 to 6 months of skin contact, and only then bottled. They are wines with complexity and very gastronomic.
Available references:
• Mestre Daniel - White
• Mestre Daniel - Red
Mestre Daniel - Single Talha

These are single vineyard wines made with the oldest vineyards and vinified in a single Talha. These are exclusive wines being produced at a maximum of 1000 bottles per year and only in years when the quality justifies it. As in the Mestre Daniel range, they have 5 to 6 months of skin contact. They are also complex and gastronomic wines, but with a more refined character than the normal range.
Available references:
• Mestre Daniel - Talha X - White
• Mestre Daniel - Talha XV - Red

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