Vitifrades is a local development association set up in 1998 in the parish of Vila de Frades, Vidigueira to promote, enhance and add value to a product that is deep rooted in the region: the vinho de talha – a wine made in clay vessels (talhas).

Since new management took over in 2009, Vitifrades has undergone an important transformation. The pioneering spirit of this association, together with its great expertise regarding the social and economic context of region led to the launch of the first vinho de talha – wine sold in 0.75 litre clay vessel. This trend was quickly taken up by other Alentejo producers.

Another trend was set with the 2011 launch of the first Portuguese wine in a Roman amphora-shaped bottle. The wine, Amphora, is to date the only vinho de talha granted PDO status.  


Largo de S. Braz, Nº 2
7960 - 437 Vila de Frades

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