Viniale – Vinhos do Alentejo, Lda was born from the desire to produce top quality wines based on enthusiasm, commitment, hard work, dedication and competence.

The company owns a 3.6-hectare vineyard planted with grape varieties that are well adapted to the Alentejo soils. A 6.7-hectare young vineyard is also rented.

Our wines are made in a small but modern winery located in Vimieiro. Special care is taken during the winemaking and ageing process. The individual varieties are fermented individually and perfectly blended at the last minute.

It is estimated that by 2015 we will be able to achieve a production of 17,500 bottles of white wine, 56,000 bottles of red wine, as well as a few bottles of rosé.

Our wines are labelled under the names Madrugada, Fargela and Espelho, but other brands are under development.

Madrugada Reserva is our most prestigious wine. Madrugada and Fargela are mid-range to high-end wines while Espelho is a simple yet pleasant wine.

Belgium is currently our main market. The Portuguese market is growing and our wines can be found in some restaurants.

Our wines are also available at, where you can order our wines and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

Quinta do Carvalho
7040 - 693 Vimieiro (Arraiolos)

T.914 765 829 | 913 710 680
F.266 758 031
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