At TopWines we are determined in creating unforgettable wines.

Wines that will give you that feeling of never having tasted anything like it before. Wine, for wine…
Our Art lays in taking advantage of the best that Nature gives us every year and accordingly shape the personality of each wine, praising its differentiation: its character.
What do our wines have in common?
  • Produced in small quantities, rare grapes, old vineyards; 
  • Viticulture of ecologically balanced, Integrated Production; 
  • Treatments of the vineyard are made only through environmentally friendly products and techniques; 
  • Natural increase of quality through green pruning; 
  • Harvesting and selection of the grapes is made manually, allowing to exclude grapes in poor state of maturity or rotting, thus reducing the need to use chemicals to fight these flaws.


Avenida Arqº Rui Couto, 431 - A
7000 – 748 Évora

T.+351 967 099 776
F.+351 966 707 205

GPS: 38.34,4142N - 7.55,2157 W
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Vinhos do Alentejo 2023