The history of a family of the Alentejo with his ancestors landowners, linked to Alvito (Beja), has its secrets and traditions within the coat of arms of the Lobos da Silveira, descendants from the first Baron and Marquis of Alvito, in the XV century. It was the first baron title given by King Afonso V of Portugal. This coat of arms has five wolves and, curiously, nowadays there are five descendants of this family. Five young cousins who vowed to bring the message of their roots to the present days, represented by two brothers Filipa and Miguel Lobo da Silveira.

Thus is given birth to a story made of history, an image coming from many moments and sketches to be told. The image of our wines linked to image of who we are.

Today we are a bigger family, in which our team is part of that very history which we are writing every day. All the knowledge and dedication of each prove themselves in every drop of our wines.

The roots and passion for tomorrow are in us and in everything we do.

Estrada da Serra D Ossa | Herdade Vale D'Anta
7170 - 118 Redondo

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