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Margaça Wines

Located in eastern Alentejo, the village of Pias is recognized in Portugal for the great quality of its wines. The wines, elaborated mainly with grape varieties from the region, nurture a strong appeal among numerous connoisseurs that like to share them as a little hidden secret. This success, of which we are obviously proud, originated some less proper ways of tribute: Not all wines that call themselves "Pias" are in fact made here. So, if you want to know the unique characteristics of our "terroir", you have arrived at the right place: the Margaça Wines (Soc. Agr. de Pias, S.A.), where the original and true wines of Pias are produced.


The History

The history of our wines blends with the tradition of our "terroir". The production of high-quality wine began when a visionary, José Veiga Margaça, acquired several properties in March 1973 between Serpa and Moura, founding Sociedade Agrícola de Pias. His passion for oenology and knowledge of Alentejo lands allowed him to conquer new production methods and create memorable wines.
For decades, he added flavours to the portfolio, won prizes and created all the distribution logistics, transforming Sociedade Agrícola de Pias, S.A., now known as Vinhos Margaça, in an autonomous company with several of its wines being a reference in the Portuguese market.
Today, with an estate of 700 hectares and 31 employees dedicated to the production of grapes, wine and olives in the village of Pias, Vinhos Margaça’s company remains in the family. The children and grandchildren of José Veiga Margaça keep alive the tradition and values inaugurated by him.


The Margaça Brand

Sociedade Agrícola de Pias, founded in 1973 by José Veiga Margaça, had as first brand of wine, sold in bulk and 5L glass bottle, "Margaça", the name of its founder who leaded the entire team working in the company, including purchasing and sales, dealing with customers and suppliers.
The winery quickly became known as the "Margaça’s winery", as José Veiga Margaça had a dynamic and trustable personality, as a businessman, entrepreneur and friend.
With the launch of the second brand "Encostas do Enxoé" in 1988, at the time, unanimously recognized as a wine of enviable quality, was one of his great achievements, and marked the beginning of the sale of 750ml bottled wine.
Over the years new brands were created reflecting new wines with different categories and profiles, due to new strategies that were adopted.
The new wines, such as "AsPias", "Pulo do Lobo" and "Quatro Décadas" began to communicate beyond their identity "brand name", also the name of the company, Soc. Agrícola de Pias. This was due to a change in the company's strategy of communication, where the focus was on "Pias" name, the land where the wines are made, thus the presence of the company name to identify it and to mark its genuineness.
However, as time went by, and due to a natural evolution of strategy, the communication was amended back to “Margaça”.
It felt natural, the “weight” of the history of the company, respect and tribute to the founder, to return to the initial communication.
Since 2016 the communication has been moving and aesthetically improved for "Vinhos Margaça" / "Margaça".
So, the wine labels now, have the name "Margaça", a name that reflects singularity and reinforces a strong identity, as a family business.


The Wine tourism

The Wine Tourism Room welcomes all who wish a unique experience to see the whole process of creating a wine in the unique wine cellar that connects the history and tradition with the contemporary and modern methods, right in the heart of Pias village. Here you will hear about stories, taste the wines and the richness of our gastronomy. During the harvest, visitors can learn about our methods of production. The tour is done throughout the cellar, starting at our reception area, fermentation tanks, caves, bottling, labelling and packing unit, and of course, our store, with exclusive offers at attractive prices that can be only found in our winery shop.
The Pias Wine Museum and an old distillery are other points of interest, with artefacts from Pias wine history, also the “Wine Tourism Room” is prepared to host wine presentations with degustation, events as the typical “Cante Alentejano” (Alentejo Singing) and corporate and private events.

We make visits throughout the year in which we advise booking in advance.

Rua de Santo António nº 8
7830-232 Pias / Serpa

T.(+351) 284 858 222

GPS: 38.021861, -7.480676
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Opening Hours: From Monday to Friday: from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Saturdays: from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Other schedules are subject to availability and require booking in advance.
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