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Soc. Agrícola Herdade Vale de Barqueiros, SA - CVRA

Herdade de Vale Barqueiros is an 800-hectare estate near Alter do Chão, belonging to the Vasco Faria family.

The estate produces both wine grapes and olives. The olive grove is managed with the most modern possible techniques and serves as an example for other olive growers all over the Iberian Peninsula.

Vineyards total 122 hectares and are scattered over the estate, with a clear predominance of Portuguese varieties, particularly Aragonez and Trincadeira, the two most important grapes in the Alentejo. The relatively poor sandy-clay soils, the gentle rolling terrain and a more temperate climate coming from the geographical location of the property (north-eastern Alentejo) lend a distinct terroir to the Vale de Barqueiros wines.

Although most of the grapes are sold, Herdade de Vale Barqueiros selects a small amount of around 70 tonnes/year of Aragonez, Trincadeira, Alicante Bouschet and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes to produce its own wines. These grapes are chosen from different vineyard blocks and undergo specific treatment in order to concentrate their flavours and make the most of the particular characteristics of each of the varieties.

Since the 2003 harvest, Paulo Laureano and his winemaking team at Eborae Vitis e Vinus have been responsible for making small parcels of top quality wines to showcase the terroir of Vale Barqueiros.

The result is highly personalised wines from a region, Alter do Chão, that as early as the 19th century had already received numerous international awards.

Travessa da Prelada, 613
4250-380 Porto

T.(+351) 228 341 017
F.(+351) 228 324 227

GPS: 41.169617, -8.634837
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