History and tradition

Manuel Rosado Fernandes, grandfather of the current owner, was a founding member of the Cooperativa Agrícola de Granja, C.R.L. in 1952 and was behind much of the increase in prestige of the Granja-Amareleja wine-producing sub-region of the Alentejo.

The original 1931 winery changed over time until it was modernised in 2008. It is now equipped to produce the highest quality wines.

All the grapes in our wines come from the Granja Amareleja, a sub-region within the Alentejo PDO.We produce just 12,000 bottles per year – a PDO wine and a PDO Reserva wine.

We are proud of our family tradition in the wine industry.

Monte do Valtamujinho - Apartado 22
7885-909 Amareleja

T.+ 351 966 554 641
F.+ 351 266 700 331

GPS: 38.198537, -7.243721
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