To find THE place where Dieter Morszeck would find all the things he values was not the easiest, but it was without counting with his persistence and his will of keeping his expectations high to ensure the best would be found.
When his path first crossed Quinta do Paral, it was love at first sight for Dieter Morszeck who didn't hesitate a second: it perfectly combined the quality of the vines to produce unique wines and a fantastic place to build and develop a wine tourism offer, exactly as he had in mind.
Located in Alentejo, in the sub-region of Vidigueira, Quinta do Paral is born with one clear objective: to share this place, which produces excellent quality wines, with guests from all over the world, enjoying the typical calmness of Alentejo, the vines around the house (which once belonged to the Countess of Santar and that is being renovated to secure 18 bedrooms, a restaurant and a bar), the succulent regional food and the starry sky offering beautiful moments to the lucky ones who watch this natural show.
Quinta do Paral is also lucky enough to have old vines, with more than 40 years, producing the most genuine and fantastic wines: a white and a red, typical expression of Vidigueira with an amazing freshness, despite high temperatures; a fantastic acidity, to keep the wines even more in the bottle and enjoy them later and an attractive fruit, satisfying all wine lovers.
None of the wines could be produced if there was no special care to the vines and to the production method: sustainability is key and all efforts are made to produce excellent wines not only today but also tomorrow. Because this is the only way to think about producing wine, in a sustainable way and respecting the eco-systems and traditional production methods. Luis Leão, born in Vidigueira and current winemaker of Quinta do Paral, takes good care of the vines and the wines, as if they were his own children.


The Wines 

Quinta do Paral's objective is very clear: to produce unique wines, typical from Vidigueira, in Alentejo.
The grapes, production methods, barrel ageing for some wines, everything is designed to be the perfect interpretation of the terroir where the wines are grown. Everything is designed to lock in the bottle a small part of Vidigueira, which is such a special place.
Each wine is a project on its own:
Quinta do Paral: made to be enjoyed daily and to share something special and of quality. They are the purest expression of the Vidigueira terroir, with no oak.
Colheita Selecionada: they are indeed the selection of something special yet accessible to everyone.  They are an accurate expression of the vines with a hint of oak.
Reserva: they age in barrels for a longer time to give the wine time to express its best. Because time means quality when it comes to winemaking and genuine products.
And then Vinhas Velhas, the kept treasure, made of indigenous grapes, which best translate Vidigueira. The tanins, the acidity, the ageing process, everything to enhance the +40 years old vines, everything to make the person who enjoys it feel special.
Quinta do Paral – Apartado 31
7960 – 909 Vidigueira

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