Parras Wines Group 

Parras, Seleção De Enólogos was set up to sell the wines and the services of Goanvi Prestação de Serviços.

Parras was born of the passion of Luís Vieira for the wine industry that he inherited from a long family tradition in the sector. This is a personal business called “Seleção de Enólogos” (Select Winemakers). It is an innovative concept by which Luís intends to raise awareness in the wine market of what he sees to be the relevant characteristics of each region where his wines are produced.
Luís works together with team of winemakers who understand local traditions. Together, they go on to recreate them, particularly those of the Alentejo.

Estrada Nacional 8-5, Km 2,3 Fervença
2460-526 Maiorga Alcobaça

T.+351 262 503 260
F.+351 262 503 266

GPS: 39.567460, -8.986916
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Vinhos do Alentejo 2021