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Herdade dos Casarões - CVRA


Herdade dos Casarões first harvest was in 2003 and since then has achieved several recognitions.

It is a privileged place for wine lovers to discover the real essence of wine and all the magic surrounding the craft of wine making. It is a place where there has been an investment in the quality of the wines as well as in wine tourism – bringing the wine drinker closer to the vineyard. At our winery, we also organize several exhibitions throughout the year, where we share some of the art, history and culture of the region.


Herdade dos Casarões is located in Estremoz, 170 km south east from Lisbon, district of Évora. The estate has 200 hectares and the vineyard is planted over 50 hectares in the Estremoz region. The soil, also called Terroir is mud-argillaceous derived from schist soils – which is ideal for vines. We produce traditional grapes of the region, but we also follow trends of other wine regions with many international grapes. Our wines are the result of this fusion that includes the nature, our region and what we observe all over the world.

Additional Information

The winery is prepared to receive visitors, with an attractive visitor centre including wineshop, tasting room, art gallery with different exhibitions, Six Kings Room with the history behind the estate’s name and a small exhibition circuit with several information about the wine and the wine making process.

At our estate, we also plant Plums typical from this region, a few acres of olive trees to produce olive oil, cork oak to extract cork and produce black pigs, horses, ponies and sheeps.

Herdade dos Casarões - Santa Maria
7100-078 Estremoz

T.(+351) 213 138 020

GPS: 38.8603,-7.618367
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