Historical Notes

In 1945 José Maria de Matos Pacheco founded a national business selling grains and potatoes. Two decades later, in 1965, he built a lagar (olive mill) at Alegrete and the following year he released his first olive oil under the trademark José Maria de Matos Pacheco. In 1974, he bought the Tapada de Surdo estate in Alegrete.

The mid 1980s saw the expansion and modernisation of the olive mill according to the regulations in force at the time.

In 2000, a new vineyard was planted according to the norms established by the CVRA with the varieties Aragonez, Trincadeira and Castelão.

The first Encostas de Alegrete wine went on the market in 2006 and the name was broadened to include the olive oil. In 2007 a new, ecological olive mill replaced the previous one, and Canto das Azinheiras wine was launched.

2010 witnessed the purchase of two vineyards on the hillsides of Serra de S. Mamede, at 700 metres of altitude.

Our Vision

To produce a unique wine on a family business scale that might become known as one of the best of the region of Portalegre.

Our Mission

To transform traditional Portalegre grapes into the Canto das Azinheiras and Encostas de Alegrete wines – northern Alentejo wines that bring pride to all of those who contribute to them.

Monte da Tapada de Surdo
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