Gavião – Historical Notes

The Gavião area has been producing wine for centuries. Town charters as early as the 12th century contained regulations controlling the planting of grape vines. Vines and wines were so important in the region that local laws in the 18th century mentioned protecting the vines from people and from animals.

This extract from Gavião – Memórias do Concelho, a book on the history of the county, reflects this preoccupation: In 1753 it was announced that´anyone of the town or its surroundings found to enter a vineyard or field without having responsibilities there’ was subject to a fine of 100 réis and three days in jail. It was further forbidden to ‘open gates into the vineyards, with risk of fines of 500 réis per head, for each person or animal found inside the vineyard. The owner would further be subject to a 250 réis fine for any gate left unguarded’. Fences, these, were intended to protect the vineyards.


The Business

Ilex Vinhos, Lda aims to create unique and distinct wines that rival some of the best wines in Portugal. The business was founded by a family with land in Gavião, Portalegre, in the Alentejo region.
This family has been active in the region for several generations running the business locally known as Casa Rebelo. They have witnessed an evolving course of economic, social and political events and have survived severe adversity, including devastating fires in 2003.

The vineyards are located on one of the Ilex Vinhos estates, Herdade da Margalha. Winemaking takes place in a nearby winery under the guidance of our winemaking team, headed by Prof. Virgílio Loureiro. The old Margalha winery is currently undergoing renovation for future use.

Despite its ancient history, Ilex Vinhos is a modern project and its initial success has been proven by notable market success as well as by the prizes received, particularly those for their Pausa wines.

About the Vineyards

Herdade da Margalha comprises two vineyard blocks: Cabroeira vineyard and Pista vineyard.

Cabroeira Vineyard

Varieties: Aragonez – 1.87 ha; Syrah – 1.95 ha
Year of Planting: 2002
Rootstock: 1103 P
Vine Spacing: 2.40 m x 1.10 m
Exposure: North
Terrain: Slopes
Planting Density: 3,788 plants / ha

Pista Vineyard

Varieties: Touriga Nacional – 3.29 ha; Petit Verdot – 1.00 ha; Tinto Cão – 0.49 ha and Tinta Barroca – 0.40 ha
Year of Planting: 2002
Rootstock: 1103 P
Vine Spacing: 2.20 m x 1.10 m
Exposure: North
Terrain: Plains
Planting Density: 4,132 plants / ha


Opening Hours:

Wine shop - Monday to Friday: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm

GPS Coordinates


Quinta da Margalha
6040-000 Gavião

T.+ 351 241 639 080 | 939 541 708
F.+ 351 241 639 089

GPS: 39.437610, -7.911100
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