Historical Notes

Herdade Monte da Cal, belonging to the group Global Wines, was opened in 2007 and was designed for the production of quality wines, markedly Alentejo style. Surrounded by the quiet northern Alentejo landscape, the House and the winery are part of a peaceful and traditional environment, an atmosphere scented by the nature, surrounded by countless vineyards, losing sight far away on the horizon.


Alentejo Heritage. Portugueses Heritage

The new image of the wines of Herdade Monte da Cal follows a path where it gets together the landscape and Alentejo’s heritage: the immense blue sky, whitewashed houses, an intimate connection to a genuine land, with aromas, flavors and textures of nature, of silence and immensity.

Global Wines was founded in 1990 as an investment in the potential of Portuguese wine tourism. Our first success came about in the Dão region. Today, the combination of the entrepreneur spirit and expertise of Global Wines stretches across much of the country from Bairrada, to the Douro, including Lisboa, Dão, Vinho Verde and the Alentejo. It even reaches as far away as Brazil.

Our winemaking team has conceived a modern and sophisticated style of still wines, sparkling wines and brandies. At Global Wines, you will find a rich world of wines to sample.

The Estate

Monte da Cal is the Global Wines´ estate in the Alentejo. In the quite countryside of the northern Alentejo, Monte da Cal enjoys the ideal country setting where the days laze by with enough time to enjoy the good things of life.

The northern Alentejo terroir lends itself to fruitier, more concentrated wines, with higher acidity. The vineyard has been conceived to allow for mechanical harvesting and the winery can process volumes far above the current levels so that production might expand in the future.


The architecture and decoration of the winery and other facilities have strong Arab influences. This reminds us of one of the peoples who have most deeply marked Portuguese culture, particularly in the southern part of the country, and creates a refreshing and welcoming air.


Wine shop, wine bar, guided tours, wine tastings and wine courses, olive oil tastings, cooking workshops, cultural, corporate and social events, team-building exercises, and outdoor activities.

Vale de Paredes Novo
7460-100 São Saturnino

T.(+351) 926 531 886
F.(+351) 245 635 026

GPS: 39.020556,-7.545
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