It is in the extensive Alentejo plains, in the Ferreira do Alentejo area, that the Herdade do Pinheiro wines are born and raised.
It is a long history of passion and love of the earth that connects the Silvestre Ferreira family to the wines of Herdade do Pinheiro, which began in the 1950s with the arrival of Comendador António Silvestre Ferreira for the village of Ferreira do Alentejo.
There he settled down and began a long life of work, beginning with the conviction that the climatic and climatic conditions of the region, heated with an enormous capacity of enterprise and initiative, were the presuppositions of a successful professional life, full of success, which culminated in the planting of one of Europe's largest private vineyards of the time.
It is in this extensive Alentejana vineyard that the award-winning wines of the brands "Herdade do Pinheiro" and "Capela do Calvário" and the most recent "Herdade do Pinheiro-Homage to António Silvestre Ferreira"
We speak of full-bodied, soft and fruity wines, produced from the best selection of grape varieties that, over the years, have claimed to be responsible for the success of Alentejo wines and whose process of working and knowledge associated with it were transmitted up to the current generation.
This is how we came to the knowledge of the current owners, who are responsible for the continuation of an old project that they have been able to respect, improve and develop in the difficult conditions of market competition.
With work, perseverance and a lot of dedication, the current owners have been able to lead the company to the level of what is best produced in Portugal and in the World, which is not unprecedented, constitutes the unequivocal recognition of the quality and care that is put into the whole process of obtaining these wines.
We leave it at the discretion of our readers and admirers to taste these wines so distinctly Alentejanos.

Herdade do Pinheiro - Apartado 15
7900 - 909 Ferreira do Alentejo

T.(+351) 284 732 453
F.(+351) 932 324 167

GPS: 38.092563528390464, -8.085517915663415
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