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Herdade da Cardeira Unipessoal, Lda - CVRA

Herdade da Cardeira

Herdade da Cardeira is a young winery located in the wine region of  Borba, in the Alentejo Province−the very heart 
of Portugal. Fascinated by the composition of the region’s soil and the quality oft he grapes, Swiss owners Erika and Thomas Meier bought the winery in 2010.

Together with a small team they have developped the vineyard as well as the cellar to meet the highest demands.
In this continental climate zone with its annual 3,000 hours of sun and its hot, dry summer months, grapes attain exceptional levels of ripeness, with high sugar levels and intense colors that provide the perfect foundation for the production of high-quality wines.

The product from these unique and extraordinary varieties and their intense and thorough care are powerful yet noble red and white wines that not only caught the attention of wine lovers all over Europe, but also of the international jury. Many of their wines were levelled with the best and awarded gold medals in international competitions, such as ‘Challenge International du Vin’ in France, and ‘Concours Mondial de Bruxelles’.

Herdade da Cardeira only processes their own estate grown grapes to ensure the highest possible quality from the beginning to the final product. The results are distinctive wines that truly reflect the region’s terroir and identity with an additional specific edge of the producers themselves.


Herdade da Cardeira - Monte Novo do Jardim
7150 - 306 Orada - Borba

T.+ 351 268 802 174
F.+ 351 268 840 278
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