Adega do Sor's wine was born from the desire of a family that knew nothing about wines and vineyards, ours. It was on a Sunday trip to Montargil that we decided to visit Ponte de Sor… It was right there and had the appeal of another place to explore and, perhaps, add to our list of places that we love to visit and highlight to others.

The Seixas Correia family is all about about places, people, experiences ... We went, and we were immediately enchanted by this atypical Alentejo place.

It is not the typical Alentejo region of plains as far as the eye can see, of the cork oak forest, the houses are not as whitewashed as our collective imagery refers, but the peace, tranquility and lightness that are so passionate … are all over there…
Hotel Ponte Sor - Rua João Pedro De Andrade nº 10
7400-264 Ponte de Sor

T.932 550 136
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Tasting Room
Vinhos do Alentejo 2021