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Herdade da Anta de Cima - CVRA

Vinum vitae est

The argilla wine is produced at the Herdade da Anta de Cima, located in “Serra de Montargil”, “Ponte de Sor” region, owned by the Tenreiro family.

The farm is based on the traditional agro-forestry production system of the region. Vineyards are located in the most fertile soils of the Herdade: clay soil, well-drained, dominantly  exposed to south and with moderate slope.

At Herdade da Anta de Cima, the last vineyards were torn out in the 1950s and the old cellar ruin still remains from that time. The vineyards were brought back to the “Serra de Montargil” in 2010 and two years later the first white and red argilla wines were produced.

The argilla and talha de argilla are terroir wines with a select and distinctive profile, obtained from very noble Portuguese grape varieties.

Herdade da Anta de Cima - Apartado 96
7400 - 999 Ponte de Sor

T.+ 351 917 819 082 / + 351 916 002 741

GPS: 39.078087, -8.169468
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