Ever since the 1960s we have carried out traditional Alentejo dryland farming, specifically producing grain and cattle. In the late 1980s, with the joining of the EC, we were forced to confront a new reality, since our traditional methods made it difficult to compete with our European neighbours in an open market.

That is when we brought irrigation to a 26 hectare plot. In 1997 we planted 13 hectares of olives trees (to produce preserved olives) and in 1999, 12 hectares of vineyards. Three years in, it became obvious that it would not be easy to sell our grapes as the supply was much greater than demand. That’s why we decided to start producing our own wine. Said and done.

Under the supervision of winemakers João Melícias and Jorge Páscoa we built and equipped a winery to fit our needs.

Our vineyard is located on the Reguengos do Souzão estate. This property has been in the Fernandes de Moura family since August 1934, when it was bought from Queen Dona Amélia of France and Bragança, as is proven on the deed that we still preserve carefully as a precious historical document to carry forward for posterity.

The vineyard, with its integrated production practices, grows Aragonez, Trincadeira and Alicante Bouschet grapes which are used for our red wine Reguengo do Souzão. The best of these grapes are used for our Reserva wine.

Rua Visconde da Luz, nº 11
7450 - 143 Monforte

T.(+351) 964 627 972
F.(+351) 245 081 054

GPS: 39.052948, -7.438031
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