Adega da Torre – Organic wines and liqueurs

Our motto: Sustainability is our nature.

Adega da Torre is a family estate of 17 hectares in the area of Vinhas, in the municipality of Redondo, that is dedicated to the production of organic wines and liqueurs.
The grapes are hand-harvested with all the necessary care so as to obtain the highest quality wine.

A small distillery produces grape spirit to be incorporated through a maceration process into the handmade production of fruit and herb liqueurs.

In addition to our core business, grape growing, we also cultivate a small olive grove, fruit trees, vegetables and herbs.

Our mission is to promote sustainability in order to preserve the environment. As so, the family economy plays a key role in every work performed the entire estate. 

Rua Comendador Ruy Gomes n.º 5-A
7170 – 047 Redondo

T.+351 266 999 772 / + 351 924 132 090

GPS: 38.648741, -7.547571
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