The Herdade das Barras is a family estate located in the heart of one of the most traditional wine-producing areas of the Alentejo – Vidigueira. Twenty-five of its 530 hectares were chosen for grape growing, due to their excellent terroir.

The Vineyard and the Wine

The family has opted for a quest for quality, a goal immediately evident when you take note of the care given to the vines in order to produce superior quality fruit. Varieties have been chosen taking into account the specific terroir as well as the regional traditions. Moreover, each stage in the process receives the highest degree of attention, from the first pruning to the harvest, which is still carried out by hand.

This vineyard is complemented with a newly built winery, where the Herdade das Barras, Serros da Mina and Unique wines are produced, with the collaboration of the winemaker Filipe Sevinate Pinto. These top quality wines are the fruit of a fecund marriage of Alentejo tradition with the most up-to-date grape growing and winemaking techniques possible.

Wine Tourism

In addition to the newly constructed winery, the estate also enjoys wine tourism facilities. Built in an architectural style reminiscent of local tradition and perfectly integrated into the landscape, these premises were designed to host the widest possible range of activities. Here you can taste and purchase our wines as well as take advantage of guided tours to both the winery and the vineyards in order to gain a deeper understanding of how such precious nectars are made from these very grapes.

Apartado 2, Herdade das Barras
7920-301 Vila Nova da Baronia

T.(+351) 284 475 227
F.(+351) 212 091 233

GPS: 38.2817278,-8.0990278
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Tasting Room
Mondays to Fridays: Advance booking is advised.

Saturday and Sunday: By reservation only.

Visit with tasting of 1 wine: 5€

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