ACV talha wines project stands upon three guide lines:

1 – The deep and millennial cultural roots that talha wines production and drinking have in many Alentejo’s territories, particularly in Vidigueira, VILA DE FRADES, Cuba and Alvito regions.
2 – The actual growth, in the world, of the tourism business oenologic segment is a reality. Talha wine can perfectly well be a reason to attract more foreigners, and is also a good motive for other Portuguese to visit these landscapes.
3 – Talha wine cannot be a massified product, and will not compete through the orice, but by its quality, so this can be an opportunity for the small producers.

Based upon these aspects, we have defined our goals:

-To use, assert and certify this wine production method, like the romans did 2000 years ago.
-To economically enhance this product, assuring added value for the Alentejo region producers.
- To promote talha wine, increasing the production and assuring a proper income to all the stakeholders and workers, mainly for the small producers.
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